Top Ten Kitchen Design Tips


Designing your own kitchen  doesn’t have to be stressful. Thankfully, professional kitchen designers in Wellington can help residents to plan their perfect kitchen. By following these few simple tips, you can turn it into a fun and rewarding experience.

Start With a Plan

Before diving into the specifics, have a general layout in mind. It can be helpful to plan around existing plumbing or electrical fixtures, especially if you’re working on a budget.

Function Over Fashion

Everyone wants their kitchen to look amazing, but it’s more important the kitchen design Wellington homeowners choose provides enough space to work and meet all of their practical needs. Appliances should be easily accessible, and there should be ample room to move around.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

Designing a new kitchen can be a wonderful creative outlet. Let your personality shine through when making aesthetic choices, just don’t let it get in the way of creating a generally practical design.

Consider Counter Space

This is particularly important for families in which more than one member frequently helps to prepare meals.

Choose Durable Materials

You’ll also want to choose counter-top, cabinet, and flooring options that are easy to clean.

Purchase Quality Appliances

Refrigerators, dishwashers, and other major kitchen appliances are one area in which homeowners do not want to skimp on quality to meet their budgets.

Storage Solutions

If space is an issue, get creative with cabinets and drawers. Just be sure to allow easy access to storage areas that will see regular use, such as food pantries.

Dealing With Garbage

Under-sink pull-out bins are a great option for saving space. Installing a garbage disposal can also help by cutting down on organic waste.

Lighting Tips

Be sure that any overhead lighting will not cast shadows on regularly used work areas, as cooking is not strictly a daytime activity.

Stick to the Plan

Most deviations from set budgets occur when homeowners begin to second-guess their initial choices. To avoid incurring added costs, create a well thought-out plan in advance and stick with it.

Still not quite sure where to get started? You can visit the Park & Clarke kitchen showroom in Wellington to find inspiration and ideas. By following our advice and voicing any questions or concerns to one of our dedicated kitchen designers, Wellington homeowners can ensure that all of their needs will be met. Visit for more helpful information.

How to Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation


When planning a bathroom remodelling project, one concern on most Wellington homeowners mind is how to save cash. A poorly planned and executed bathroom renovation project can eat into your budget before you even complete the project. There are a number of ways you can save money on your bathroom renovation project.

That’s not to say it’s not tough because it is not easy to estimate the entire costs before embarking on the job. Let’s dive deep and look at how you can save money on your next bathroom renovation project.

Set a budget

Whether you are dreaming of bathroom installation Wellington or a complete remodelling project, creating a budget is crucially important. Creating a budget begins by examining your finances to determine how much money you can comfortably afford to spend. The material list will give you a good feel for the total investment. Once you have calculated the entire cost, adjust the scope of the project to match the size of your budget. If the scope of the project does not match the size of your budget, it is wise to start with a bathroom refresh instead.

Prepare materials

Most home renovators in Wellington are hindered by an all-or-nothing approach, but you don’t have to break the bank to reap all the benefits of an updated bathroom. The key to establishing a realistic budget is being as detailed as possible. While it might seem daunting, you will have to make these decisions ultimately and working through them ahead of time allows you to put things in order before the project starts. The materials you will use will greatly depend on the scope of your project.

Shop smarter

When it comes to bathroom products, stores understand that the market is highly competitive. So you can haggle for lower prices without trying too hard. Most bathroom showrooms Wellington offer a huge selection of bathroom materials at discounted prices. Depending on the product you want, you will have varying options when it comes to having the discounts you want. If you are overly concerned with going with trends, it will be difficult to get what you want as these products tend to be priced a little bit higher than others.

Update or replace

Most bathroom remodelling projects come with two options: update and replace. You may replace the existing items, or you can transform them into something awesome. Because you are remodelling on a budget, it makes sense to replace some items. Countertops and bathtubs can be reglazed to function and look like new. Do not assume that you need to replace everything in the bathroom to achieve the look you need. With a bit of research and careful planning, you can give your bathroom a fresh new look at a fraction of the price of brand new materials.

These are some of the tips on how to save cash on your bathroom renovation. If you need professional help, Park & Clarke is you best option. Our main objective is helping homeowners achieve the design they want even on a limited budget. Whether you want a brand new bathroom installation Wellington or a complete bathroom make over, you can count on us. For more information visit

Designing Your Dream Kitchen


The kitchen is not just a place where you whip up meals; it is one of the most important focal points of a home. It is a place that brings together family and carries with it the essence of your home. So when you are designing your dream kitchen, you have to go beyond its practical aspects and consider the feel and emotions it will elicit. Here are a few more tips.

1. What makes you happy?

Too many homeowners do not consider their emotions when designing a kitchen. But they matter a big deal. If your new kitchen does not genuinely make you happy, then it was not worth the effort, money and time.

Look for a design that really makes you happy and work around it to design your kitchen. This ensures that every time you get in, all you feel is a sense of joy. Your kitchen becomes a place of retreat after a hard day’s work.

2. Establish a budget right from the start

Do not start planning your dream kitchen without a budget. You need to know that when you write down an idea, you can actually afford it. Do not break your own heart by scrapping grand ideas because you later discovered you could not afford them.

Work with your chosen contractor and interior designer to come up with an estimate budget. This budget should leave enough room for contingencies that are almost guaranteed to come up during the construction process.

3. Write everything down

Designing a kitchen, whether from scratch as part of a home construction or as a renovation, is a huge project. The worst thing you can do is do things on the fly. A lot will go wrong. Have a comprehensive project plan in place before you take the first step. The plan should outline every detail including construction stages, design aspects, plumbing, heating and a proposed timetable.

Alternatively use one of the many project management software programs designed for those doing renovations and constructions. You can even talk to your contractor to see if they have such a program themselves. In that case, you do not have to write down your own plan; the contractor will handle most of the planning  – with your input, of course.

4. Focus on the layout

The most important aspect of a kitchen, even more important than the colours and flooring, is the layout. The layout affects the aesthetics and most importantly, the functionality of your kitchen. Work together with an interior designer to create a flowing layout that is practical.

For example, ensure that there is a line of free flow from the external hallway or room to the fridge and storage areas, then from there to the cooking area and lastly to the sink. This important design feature will make it stress-free to work in your new kitchen.

Experts in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

If you are looking for the perfect kitchen design in Wellington City, Park and Clarke are here to help. This is a design and renovation company based in Wellington. Their services include renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, and installation of solar hot water in Wellington homes. Visit their website at to contact them. You can also visit their kitchen showroom along Moxham Avenue in Wellington.

Inspiring Trends for Your Home


The most affordable and dramatic home makeovers you can do are for the kitchen and bathroom. Whether it’s renovating an existing bathroom or installing a new kitchen, there are companies in Wellington which can help during the entire process. For those seeking to renovate their kitchens, here are some budget friendly renovation tips.


First and foremost, try to work the current plumbing and electrical outlets into the new design. It is currently en mode to utilise textured and smooth surfaces to manipulate where light lands in the kitchen. Sleek, rounded angles are also popular, as is simplicity of both form and function to make it easier to integrate into the existing layout.

Choose a sleek and stylish design while keeping it simple to integrate into the existing kitchen layout. There should be minimal movement of electrical and plumbing fixtures because if any appliances have to be moved then the plumbing and gas lines will also have to be altered, leading to additional costs and possible complications.

Pick an overall theme such as rustic, country or modern. This will help in the material selection and the style of the fixtures and fittings. Determine the scope of work through a list of tasks that are to be done during the kitchen makeover. Choose the right contractor after forming a clear idea of the materials to be used, the layout, and the design. Make a list of five contractors and then compare their prices, portfolio, and reviews. Once you have completed your kitchen you may want to look at upgrading your bathroom. Here are some easy ways to get started on your next project.


Bathrooms are normally  the smallest room in the house and the layout therefore requires thoughtful design to achieve the most potential. Park & Clarke is one firm that undertakes bathroom design in Wellington. The renovation process, from start to finish, will be managed by the professionals in this company to ensure that every aspect of your bathroom renovation and installation is done in a stress free manner. Every material used in Park & Clarke bathroom design is of the highest quality to stand out and give the bathroom a whole new sleek look.

Park & Clarke also stock and supply solar hot water heating systems which are an effective way to reduce energy bills. If you are renovating your bathroom it is worth investing in a solar water heater as they come in many styles and sizes. One of the best designs currently available is a solar water heater that has a head tank. This is installed against the wall of the house and is then attached to a pipe which leads into the water heating cylinder. This is an advantageous option because it comes at a low cost and it is easy to install: It is a simple system that does not have the complications of controllers or other requirements.

Whether you require a kitchen or bathroom makeover, choose Park & Clarke in Wellington for your renovations. They will exceed your expectations through their quality work, professional advice and affordability. Just visit their website today at, to find out more about their services.

Managing Your Budget


Are you trying to improve the resale value for the time when you finally sell your house? Maybe you want to rent out your home and a refurbished kitchen can help increase the rent price. Or maybe you just think it is finally time to make the kitchen of your dreams. No matter what your motivations are for kitchen renovations, sticking to a budget can help you secure the best kitchen available in your price range without blowing a hole in your pocket.

When considering the scale of the kitchen renovation project you would like, seek advice from contractors and kitchen designers in Wellington City to provide estimates to help you better understand what you can afford.

You can save money while improving the resale value of your home, and the best way to make sure that your hard earned money is being spent wisely is to know everything about your project. The research you do prior to making kitchen renovation decisions will come in handy here, especially if you made a point to note down the prices and value of everything you want.

Here are some top tips for getting started on creating a kitchen renovation budget:

• Budget a little higher: No one wants to start off a kitchen renovation project on their Wellington home only to find out that the costs over-exceed the plan. Not only does it blow a hole in your reserves, but there is just no need to put yourself through the anxiety and stress. Always budget a little higher than what you intend to spend; around 20-25% higher is ideal. The idea is to try to make sure that you stay within your initial budget, but should something go wrong, you know that you have funds to make it right.

There are various things that could become problematic, from realising that the work is taking longer than planned to appliances or services that come with hidden costs. Prepare yourself for the unexpected and your renovation project should never be a hassle for you.

• Getting what you want: Do a comparison of products in different stores and see if you can get a discount on the price. What is a little out of reach in one shop can be found at a discount in another. An easy way to save money is to buy out of season items. That means do not opt for services or facilities that are more expensive at one time of the year.

If you want to add a heater to your kitchen to keep it warm in winter, make sure you get it installed in the summer months. That way it is cheaper since it is not so much in demand, and by the time winter rolls around, you could be nice and toasty. Similarly, there are points of time when even appliances like refrigerators, microwaves or ovens sell for less money. Do your research to find out when that is, and grab it at the lowest and best price

• Renovating in instalments: It is preferable to complete your entire renovation project in one go, but sometimes it is easier on the budget to slow the pace. For the bigger changes, such as painting the walls, changing the tiles or fixing the plumbing, it is more convenient to get it done in one shot. But for other modifications, completing in increments is more appropriate. Why not find a kitchen designer in Wellington with a kitchen showroom? As well as inspiring designs they will have up-to-date costs and can advise you on a realistic budget to get what you want from your kitchen renovation.

Park & Clarke have an expert team of kitchen designers on hand to help bring your Wellington kitchen renovation to life. Just visit their website at to request a free quote.

A Wellingtonians Guide to Kitchen Renovation- Research, Design and Planning


Okay, so you know that you need to do in depth research to find out what best suits your kitchen. But what exactly goes into researching kitchen renovations in Wellington? From understanding what specifications the appliances you want to replace will need, to ensuring you have the proper power sockets to make sure they run properly – everything is up to you.

If you are unhappy with the way your kitchen looks, then you have to prioritize those aspects that displease you the most to make the best changes that both comfort and please you. In addition to the technical aspects, finding the right contractors can be a Herculean task in itself if you are not careful.

The research and preparation phase lay the ground for all the changes that come later, and you need to make sure everything is perfect. If it is not, you may have to face another kitchen remodelling prospect in the future. So grab a pen, jot down your ideas and turn your kitchen into an establishment fit for the best, by the best.

Laying down the groundwork

Research is never easy, and although kitchen designers in Wellington can help you with their own ideas – it is a completely different story if you want to make changes of your own. The amount of time you need to spend on the internet, or browsing through shops and catalogues for your ideal supplies can be gruelling, but it is worth every last cent you get to save. Remember that the best person to save your money, is you. And in order to make that happen, the first phase of your operation should involve weeding out the worst ideas and establishing a framework of operation.

• Do your reading: There are hundreds of manuals out there to help you understand the nitty gritty details of kitchen renovations in Wellington. If you want to feel inspired, or just have some questions reading is not helping you with, then hopping down to the nearest kitchen showroom in Wellington can help dissipate a lot of stress.

Just casually browsing may open options you had not considered before. A good bargain, a food processor that you finally have the space for, or even an electric kettle that you never considered buying – these are all options that could open up to you. Professionals working at such showrooms can even help you find appliances within your budget. Catalogues are another great way to look for items you may not easily find at your nearest showroom, and online deliveries give you everything you need that you cannot find in your locality.

• Look for the best buy: Never stop after visiting just one kitchen showroom in Wellington – you never know what better options you may find along the way. Of course customer service professionals would want to sell their products and services to you, but you must ensure that it is the best service available for your needs. Similarly, meeting multiple kitchen designers in Wellington can give you a better idea of what you can accomplish and the best person to help you on your way.

• Plan, plan, plan: Keep a detailed record of all your decisions, as this will come in handy when you finally get around to making the final outline for your kitchen remodelling project. If shop A had better products than Shop B, or you felt that Designer X was better at communicating with you than Designer Z – note it down. Especially helpful if you feel that all the information is overpowering, the final stage in your planning project is to pick the best parts out of your accumulated research to make one final blueprint for your project.

If you are looking for some advice and assistance when remodelling the kitchen in your Wellington home, then Park & Clarke have an expert team of kitchen designers who can help. If you need some inspiration visit online or visit their kitchen showroom in Wellington.

A Wellingtonians Guide to Kitchen Renovation- What You Need to Get Started


Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting affair, but sometimes it is difficult to choose where to start. The kitchen is usually the heart of the home – even more so than the living or dining room: from baking cookies and cakes as a child to creating a sumptuous turkey roast for Christmas dinner, food makes memories.

The most effective way to start off any successful project is through proper preparation. You must plan out in detail every stage of your renovation project, planning out your interior, finding the perfect designer to work with your vision, knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend and finally ensuring that you are prepared for the period when you cannot use your kitchen.

For kitchen renovations in Wellington, you can start forming ideas on what you would like to implement by visiting kitchen showrooms. Alternatively, lifestyle magazines and the internet are both valuable resources to assist you in doing research before you start remodelling. Whether you are faced with a kitchen that has become outdated or your appliances are all starting to break down, you have the power to redesign everything to suit your tastes.

A guide on beginning your preparation

Before starting your kitchen renovations in Wellington, you must first be aware of those parts of your kitchen that you specifically want changed. Do you want to upgrade your appliances? Make room for an extra window? Change the location of the stove top? The best way to know what you want changed is to spend time in your current kitchen and understand what aspects will turn it into your dream location.

Kitchen designers in Wellington could help you by offering their own ideas, but if you have a specific layout in mind, spend time in your kitchen to work through the measurements and visualise how the end product would look realistically. Will the electrical sockets be too close to the sink? Will you need to compromise on cupboard space if you go for that larger fridge?

There are a few aspects of kitchen renovation in Wellington that you should keep in mind while you consider remodelling the room, and here is a helpful guide to get you started.

Planning and budgeting: The planning stage requires a lot more than an active imagination – it requires knowledge of what materials and appliances are available, along with specific measurements to confirm whether they can be laid out accordingly. Money is also a big concern and ideally you should make a budget that is around 20-25% more than what you intend to spend. Kitchen designs in Wellington could inspire you even if you have a specific idea in mind, so being open to changes is important. Keeping an open mind can become especially relevant if you find something that is either different from what you expected, or out of the reach of your budget. Being adaptable can help you secure the best changes for your kitchen.

Kitchen designers in Wellington: Finding a good designer is integral to ensuring that the remodelling project is met with qualitative success. Not only can a good designer help guide you through the renovation process, they may also be able to assist you in securing better items for the renovation.

A good kitchen designer is also essential to ensuring a stress free renovation project. If you choose to hire a construction expert as well, then choosing a firm that has both designers and construction experts can help the job flow more smoothly and improve communication. Ensure that you stay within your budget and do not hesitate to voice your opinions to your hired professionals. It is important to remember that ultimately it is your dream kitchen and the best person to realise it is you.

• Take care of your family: Having an unavailable kitchen can be a lot more difficult than you may initially realise. No more midnight snacks or a quick meal if you suddenly feel hungry – the duration of your renovation project could see you limited to take-out items. Being resourceful is key, especially if you do not want to survive on restaurant meals and fast food. A portable stove or even an outdoor barbecue can all help you towards making healthy, satisfying meals while your kitchen is being renovated.

You could also make preparations for food items, like cutting and storing all the essential elements of a sandwich. Remove your microwave to a safe location outside the kitchen, and home cooked meals can comfort you even without a kitchen!

If you are looking for some advice and assistance when remodelling the kitchen in your Wellington home, then Park & Clarke have an expert team of kitchen designers who can help. If you need some inspiration visit online or visit their kitchen showroom in Wellington.

How DIY Reality Shows are Inspiring NZ Homeowners


In the last few years, reality TV has focused on DIY renovation. They range from the fresh ‘Our First Home’ to the better-known ‘The Block NZ’, which is a local version of the acclaimed Australian reality series by the same name. As these types of shows become more popular, what exactly is it about them that is so inspiring to New Zealand homeowners?

1. The show possibilities

Home renovation, regardless of how small the project is, is no easy task. It takes effort, time and costs money. As a result, most homeowners tend to get discouraged before they even try anything. These DIY reality shows help homeowners see the possibilities. As they tackle huge projects on TV, the inspiration turns into reality as homeowners dare to hope they too can do something.

Essentially, reality shows help to reduce the fear aspect and give homeowners more confidence to face the ups and downs of renovation.

2. They offer valuable advice

While the internet may be full of how-to articles, nothing delivers a message better than seeing it on TV. As reality shows go from project to project, homeowners glean valuable advice. The advice can be on anything ranging from tips on kitchen renovations to budgeting.

This adds to the confidence of the homeowners and helps them avoid making mistakes. Imagine if you were a Wellington homeowner who wanted to start a kitchen renovation. Seeing a show like “The Block NZ’ would certainly inspire you to visit a kitchen showroom in Wellington.

3. They provide ideas

Not every one of us is a creative genius: DIY reality shows serve as an important resource for inspiration. Watching kitchen renovations over multiple shows will showcase available options that the home renovator may not have considered or even known about.

Once the process has been seen on TV, apprehension over the project is lessened and homeowners are more likely to do it themselves. In this way, anyone can have a beautiful home without having to be naturally creative.

4. They provide necessary cautions

DIY renovation may look fun on TV, and it is, but there are many challenges that have to be overcome along the way. Homeowners often start out all excited about a DIY project without anticipating and preparing for the hurdles ahead. Once you start a kitchen renovation, you cannot leave it as an unfinished project as it is a vital part of the home. DIY reality shows transmit both the easy and challenging sides of home renovation. This prepares aspiring DIY renovators for challenges ahead.

5. They show the rewards

If, as a homeowner, you feel too discouraged by the idea of handling a DIY project with all its twists and turns, reality television may have the answer. At the end of each project, the finished work is something that everyone, participants and viewers, can admire. It portrays all the effort and passion that has been poured into creating something amazing.

This is an encouragement to many homeowners unsure of whether to get into home renovation. Thinking about what the house will look like at the end provides constant motivation.

Getting Help

DIY home renovation is fun but due to the time and physical effort it requires, it is not a possibility for everyone. If you are looking for an inspiring kitchen design in Wellington City here is where Park & Clarke can help. They have helped hundreds of homeowners with their bathroom and kitchen design projects in Wellington. Whether you need to a simple installation, a bathroom renovation or make your kitchen look as good as a kitchen showroom in Wellington, then contact them now. Just visit their website at

How to Survive a Kitchen Renovation


Home renovations are notorious for causing stress and household disruptions, but nothing is as difficult as making do while a kitchen is being remodeled. Your kitchen is the one room of the house that is used almost constantly throughout the day. Although it seems impossible to operate without it, there are a lot of creative things you can do to make the kitchen renovation process easier.

Here’s a few great tips:

1. Set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere

Look around your house and find a spot that you can set up a table or temporary counter space in order to prepare food and store appliances for daily use. If the weather is good enough, this might include some outside spaces as well. Think realistically about what you want to be cooking, without being too ambitious, and search for a place that can serve as your work space while your kitchen is out of commission.

2. Find alternate uses for your appliance

There are so many things you can accomplish with the simplest appliances. Grills, electric kettles and hot plates can all be used for a lot more than they were intended. Kettles can be used to boil eggs, cook veggies and more. Your grill can cook almost any food you can imagine if you have foil. Hot plates can be used to cook a huge variety of things depending on what kind of dishes you have. Just make a quick search for stove top recipes and try your hand at it!

3. Organise your kitchen items before the remodel begins

Do yourself a favour and don’t just pile all your kitchen items into boxes to move them out of the way. Take time to pack away the things which are not essential, separate the items you want to use during the renovation, and get rid of anything you are never going to need again.

4. Utilise quick and easy utensils/meals

While you probably want to believe that you’ll cook every day, it might not be a realistic expectation. Don’t be embarrassed to buy pre-made meals which just require heating. Additionally, washing dishes can be much more difficult without a kitchen sink, so you might want to think about getting some disposable utensils.

5. Plan out and purchase your new appliances beforehand

Whoever you have chosen to do your kitchen renovations will not be able to finish the job without all the necessary parts of the new kitchen. You should already know what you want to go in the freshly re-made room, so if at all possible you need to have these items already purchased and stored in the house.

Keep your new items out of the way of the contractors, but in any accessible area where they can be grabbed when needed. This includes any new ovens, refrigerators, trash compactors, or even solar hot water systems. If you are planning a kitchen renovation in Wellington, solar hot water is a must.

Although they might be a bit tricky, kitchen renovations don’t have to be as stressful as you think. If you follow the tips listed above and make sure you hire an excellent contracting service, such as Park & Clarke, to do the job than you can sit back and enjoy watching the process unfold.

Park & Clarke is a company that specializes in kitchen renovations in Wellington, so you can put your worries to rest and know that your renovations will be handled professionally by one of the best in the business. Call today or check out their website to find out more information about how your renovations can be done and to create your dream kitchen!

Preparing for a Kitchen Renovation


Preparing for a kitchen renovation can be stressful. From the thought of being without a working kitchen for a few weeks, to the mess, dust and potential problems, you can be forgiven for feeling some sense of trepidation when starting a kitchen renovation.

Are you a homeowner in Wellington who is preparing to renovate their kitchen? Why not hire the professionals to do it? At Park & Clarke, they make sure that their Wellington clients are assisted through the entire kitchen revamp process. Kitchen renovations can be an overwhelming task, especially for first-timers. With over 60 years of experience, Park & Clarke understands what the whole process entails and they can certainly make your life easier as you upgrade your kitchen.

Why Renovate your Kitchen?

If you want to renovate your kitchen, chances are that you may want to install systems that ensure you save energy and pay less on related costs. Many homeowners in Wellington opt for solar hot water systems as part of their renovation package to take advantage of the climate in this part of New Zealand. Choosing to install solar hot water systems is an important decision since it will impact on your energy costs in the long-term.

According to two reports by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (formerly the Ministry of Economic Development), while solar water systems involve an upfront fee they are cheaper in the long run. Even though the government of New Zealand no longer funds solar water heating, the initial set up costs are a one time investment that can lead to substantial savings throughout the life of your home.

Why you need Professionals for the Job

Renovating a kitchen is not as easy as some contractors may make it sound. This is because the renovation process entails the repairs and fresh installation of plumbing, heating and cooling systems as well as water heating systems. Park & Clarke have an expert team of kitchen designers in Wellington City and use certified professionals such as plumbers and electricians to ensure that your kitchen is created using the highest quality materials that fit within your budget.

Using professional kitchen renovators will help you survive your remodel. Park & Clarke will advise you on:

  • What to expect when the work starts
  • How to manage stress
  • How to set up a temporary kitchen
  • How to stay safe and keep the site clean

Park & Clarke invites Wellington homeowners to their kitchen showroom to view some of the renovations they have worked on, those which are currently under construction, and view the current trends and products that are used in their high-quality kitchen renovation designs.

Visit their website at and get the best advice before you turn your home in to a temporary construction site!